Monday, May 14, 2012

Outdoor Living (2 of 7): Evaluation

Everyone wants the backyard with all the amenities you could dream of – the pond with a stream and waterfall – the seven piece grilling pavilion – the gazebo backdrop for your daughters’ wedding – the quaint Victorian mother-in-law cabin – all bordered by a picturesque forest!   Unfortunately for most this is made impossible due to unreasonable neighbors who will not let you take over their yard for your perfect summer retreat!  (Curses!!)

But do not fret!  All is not lost!  Your yard can become a haven even when evaluating the space and restrictions you have.  The key is to look at the space and unique features of your yard and plan your space with those restriction as part of your arsenal – not something to pull your hair out over because you can’t find a way to work with it.  This is where a good designer comes in handy.  The key is to find what is most important to you.  Is it creating a tranquil setting for reflection and meditation?  Or is it the block buster parties with ample food and drinks?  Once you know what you will do most in the space, then planning for the perfect backyard becomes much more manageable. 

So don’t be afraid to find features you want to have in your yard – just be aware that some things will need to be adjusted (sometimes) dramatically to make it truly work better than you anticipated.

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