Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Master Suite (6 of 11): The Dressing Chamber

With increasing space and his and hers closets (as discussed in a previous post) the amenities of the Master Suite have improved and become almost standard.  One generation thinks it to be frivolous – the next a necessity.  One of these potential standards is the dressing chamber.  Past generations felt a sense of extravagance to have separate closets or a spacious closet which could be used, not just to store your clothes, but for changing as well with enough room for a comfortable chair and perhaps an island and ornate light fixtures.  To introduce a room simply for changing may seem overkill but once you become accustomed to it it becomes one of those spaces you never thought would be so useful.  And once you find yourself in the throes of prom or hosting a wedding for your first daughter you will be glad you had this extra space to capture treasured memories.  And it’s just fun to change in a luxurious space as you get ready for that special occasion . . . or to start laundry!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Master Suite (5 of 11): The Closet(s)

The morning routine is a sacred thing.  For some, any variation in this routine will result in cascade of catastrophic events.  Every step is vital.  And when the bedroom is shared – ones morning rituals can have a devastating effect on the other.  Does that bathroom light disturb the deep, blissful slumber on the one in bed as you cross the bedroom to the closet?  Do you find yourself hampered by an attack with a downy projectile encased in a white pillow case?  These hazards can be avoided with strategic planning forethought.

Who knew a closet could be the source of so much hostility?  There are several design strategies when planning your Master Suite which will result in a harmonious and serene greeting to each day.  Some have found that a closet which is accessed directly from the master bath is a perfect solution since the bathroom door can remain closed during all morning preparations, avoiding that cruel flash of light to the one still slumbering as the door is flung open.  For others who prefer to keep these areas separate – all is not lost.  In a previous post we discussed the virtues of transition spaces to the Master Suite.  Providing an entry vestibule or a gallery is a perfect solution.  All areas of the Master Suite can be accessed through this transition space and one need not pass through the bedroom at any time during their vital morning rituals.  All parties are happy and start the day perfectly peaceful – IF HE WOULD ONLY PICK UP HIS DIRTY SOCKS ONCE IN A WHILE!

This could be a real challenge to marital bliss as well and is a deal breaker for some couples.  He doesn’t want to see her stockings draped over every surface and she doesn’t want to pick up his sweaty gym bag every day!  Thus the dual closet was born.  In the very early days of separate closets equal space was provided for each partner.  It was soon realized that this was a folly which needed immediate resolution because she took both closets and he had to dress in the guest room down the hall where his clothes were hung.  Although there is no hard and fast rule to apply to his and her closets – it is common knowledge that she needs much more space than he does and there must be enough room for all of her shoes.  This is where I let her tell me what she needs and I plan at least ten percent more.  He is usually fine with whatever she gives him – after all he is still wearing the same underwear he had since college.