Monday, July 30, 2012

The Master Suite (4 of 11): The Master Deck

Some of the most breathtaking moments are leaning on a picturesque railing watching the sun set in warm autumn hues.  The crickets have started their serenade and a cool, gentle breeze playfully lifts your hair in a whimsical dance.  The silhouettes of birds float across the paling sky.  It’s the perfect end to a perfect day!  You start to think that nothing could possibly ruin such a tranquil moment – and then – MOMMMMM! She won’t stop breathing my air! – Now you close your eyes trying desperately to recapture those few peaceful moments.  But the moment has passed and you have to get everyone ready for bed and through the tub until you can finally escape to your Master Suite, wishing you could just step out your door and inhale that cool night air while gazing at the twilit sky sprinkled with a dusting of stars – but alas all you have is a window which just doesn’t feel the same when gazing through a screen!  If only you could have a private deck accessed from the Master Suite!

Never fear!  The trends Gods have heard you plea!  Along with the sitting room (as discussed in a previous post) the private deck (or patio if you’re Master Suite at grade) is waiting to become a part of your home.  Some have incorporated the Master Deck into the main deck providing a somewhat private transition such as a walkway or elevated section.  Others have secluded the Master Deck entirely from all other spaces making it a private retreat to be enjoyed by the homeowner only (Sometimes you really do need to get away from it all).  Whatever your preference the Master Deck is a welcome addition to every home and something you will enjoy in any stage of life.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Master Suite (3 of 11): The Sitting Area

The Master Suite has evolved in many ways.  It has grown and expanded to include more features and characteristics which have become almost a necessity.  One of these necessities is the sitting room.  After all who wants to sit on the bed to read a book when you could have an overstuffed arm chair with an equally plush ottoman?  This was once accommodated by simply enlarging the bedroom and putting a chair in the corner.  But that phase did not last long.  Soon separate rooms for the sitting area were necessary, the corner was too restricting.  This led to the incorporation of a fireplace and entertainment.  Who wants to curl up with good book on a cold Colorado winter day with no fireplace?  So now it is a question of how separated do you want the sitting area?  Do you want to enjoy the fireplace from the bed as well as the sitting area?  What about the TV?  The truth is that having a private area can help to make the day a little more enjoyable.  Even waking up and facing the day can become more bearable with a well-planned Master Suite.   Some have made the morning more welcome by incorporating a breakfast station so they can have morning treat without having travel all the way to the kitchen.  So find out how you want to start and end your day and plan your Master Suite to help you reduce the daily stresses which can make a monster out of anyone.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Master Suite (2 of 11): Transitions / Identification

It is a key principle in building design that the entrance should be obvious.  You should not have to guess where to enter the building.  The same is true for the Master Suite – although it is more to mark a territory than an invitation.  This can be done with simple or complex means.  Providing a recessed door with an overlaid arch marks significance and importance and works well if you don’t have a lot of extra space.  But if you do have some extra space then the possibilities are endless.  You can create a gallery space to transition to the Master Suite.  A vestibule with art niches and columns marks an unmistakable barrier and creates interest and a sense of anticipation.  If greater seclusion is desired, and you have more space to work with, providing a separate staircase to the Master Suite opens more possibilities of landings for meditation and reflection.  This is a space you will use every day so make it interesting but also obvious to others that it is a personal place and only you are allowed into your own private oasis!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Master Suite (1 of 11): Introduction

There are two spaces in a home that should be given greater attention than any other.  The first is the kitchen which was a topic of discussion in previous blogs.  The other is the master bedroom.  No longer is the master bedroom simply a bedroom any more.  The modern home has evolved in many ways and the master bedroom is probably the most dramatic of all.  This is a place of retreat and repose for most homeowners.  It is a place to get away from the rigors of life, relax and let the cares of the world fall off at the door.  In fact the master bedroom has donned a new name – the Master Suite.  Luxury and pampering are almost essential in most Master Suite layouts.  The master bath has developed a spa-like atmosphere.  Some even boast hearth rooms and water features.  Follow our next series of blogs to find out what changes have developed to create a luxurious Master Suite!