Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Do I Need A Permit?

This is a question I get a lot!  It is usually accompanied with a bit of hostility.  With all the regulations and restrictions, one would wonder if the process of obtaining a permit is really that important.  After all, “My great, great grandpa built his two room log home without filing for a permit . . . Why can’t I?”

What has changed from grandpa’s time is that building practices have improved (believe it or not!)  No longer is it common practice to build a building and call it a highly successful structure if it doesn’t collapse.  Or wait for a building to fall down during construction to determine that there is a problem with certain construction practices.

The permit process is a way to ensure that the quality of construction is exceptional and correct.  The municipality issuing the permit employs qualified and highly trained individuals who inspect the building during each phase of construction.  These third party advocates inspect for code compliance and quality of construction.

So, unlike grandpa of old, with his “pretty sure” assurances, you can be certain that, once your project is complete, and all inspections have passed, your home will be a place that will capture many memories you can pass along to your grandchildren, proving your permit will have been a worthwhile investment to have made.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Westminster Mall Demolition

We were part of the festivities as the city of Westminster started demolition of the Westminster Mall.  This is the start of a new plan to redevelop the roughly 105 acre site.  With the mall in decline over the past decade, it is refreshing to see something new come in.  The plans for the new development will incorporate multiple products, ie. mid-rise apartments and office buildings (between 5-8 stories), retail shops on the first floor of many buildings, a theater and department stores.  This will bring in much needed revenue which will increase surrounding property values and revitalize the surrounding community.  The site location is ideal for a community hub with close proximity to the Boulder Turnpike and the RTD park-n-ride.  Many people have asked why they have decided to create such a different project instead of trying to improve the existing mall.  They mistakenly think that 'improving" the mall will save money and do just as much at bringing in revenue.  They don't realize that about 10 years ago the mall went through expensive renovations which did little to improve the economy and with a newer and much better mall just up the highway there really is nothing that could be done to the existing Westminster Mall to bring in more revenue.  And with the large number of strip mall in the area something drastically different needed to come in to be competitive with other facilities.  A new mixed-use community is the perfect solution.  The city has made the correct decisions to provide a landmark which will put our community back on the map.  This new development will bring shoppers and residents from many areas and with it will come much needed revenue.  We are excited to see the improvements come to life over the next few years!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Westminster Mall Revisited

Exciting News!  The Westminster Mall is going to be redeveloped.  Tomorrow (07.23.11) the city is hosting a kick-off party to celebrate the beginning steps of revitalizing this outdated facility.  I will be joining the festivities and will update all on my views of this new development.