Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitchens (3 of 8): Work Triangle

Everyone has heard of the “work triangle”.  This is the imaginary part of a kitchen which connects the three main elements – The range or cooktop, the refrigerator and the sink.  As with most simple concepts there are guidelines that make this triangle work most effectively.  The first is that no one leg should be more than nine feet .  Preparing meals can be a big undertaking.  There is no reason it should be a marathon as well.  That is why, ideally, the total dimension of the triangle should not exceed 18 feet.  Sometimes this is difficult to accomplish especially when remodeling existing spaces, but smart planning should reduce the amount of travel within the kitchen.  Also, each leg of the triangle should be a single straight line.  One should not have to dodge around corners or other obstacles.  Bruised hips and running shoes should not be on the menu.  Plan wisely and you will find it a joy to be in the kitchen.

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